2021 Mathewson McCarthy Baseball Board of Directors

President:                                                 Greg Croll

Executive Vice President, Juniors:         Matt Smith

Treasurer/Registrar:                                Patrick Greeley

Secretary:                                                   Neil Block

Vice President, Babe Ruth / Seniors:     Greg Croll / Pat Greeley

Vice President, M70:                                 Neil Block

Vice President, M60:                                 Will Crossetta

Vice President, AA:                                   Drew Smith

Vice President, Rookies:                          Jessica Houck

Legal Counsel:                                           Rob Singer

Fund Raising / Old Home Days:              Dennis Hartnett

Director of Advertising:                           Stacey Chambers

Director of Concessions:                         Tim Wilks

Director of Baseball Equipment:           Chad Rung

Director of Facilities:                               Dave Quinn

Director of Player Development:           John Frank

Director of Umpires:                               David Hughes / Sean Munzert

About Mathewson McCarthy Baseball

With more than a half century of rich tradition and experience, Mathewson McCarthy Baseball offers children of all ability levels with a great opportunity to play baseball at one of Western New York’s premier modern sports facilities.

In addition to its house league, which is open to all players ages 5 through 15, Mathewson McCarthy provides an option of tournament-level play for those members that are interested and skilled to play in a more competitive environment.

Here are some of the other benefits of becoming a Mathewson McCarthy Baseball player:

  • An opportunity to play baseball with many of the same friends that you attend school with and play with down the street
  • A convenient location that allows supportive relatives to actively participate as encouraging fans, making it a family-friendly experience to be enjoyed and remembered by all
  • Pro-style uniform jerseys and caps from some of your favorite teams for the spring season
  • Affiliation with Babe Ruth League, the fastest growing youth sports organization in North America, with a combined size of over 1,000,000 players on some 59,000 teams in more than 11,000 leagues, supported by over 1.9 million volunteers
  • And last, but not least, the chance to have some fun, bond with friends, and form great memories that can last a lifetime